Born in Amsterdam in 1996 and grew up in different villages and cities in the province Noord Holland. Being the daughter of a Frame-maker, precision and care for the material are of great importance.

After following an education at Yangstayll -a pre-bachelor in art, the study continued at KABK, The Royal academy of Art in Den Haag.

In 2017 co-founded the artist collective STANLEY. A collective that concerns itself with social concepts and cares for social intervention. STANLEY can be seen as a fluidly shaped collective, existing of Mother- and Daughter compagnies, extending for projects (daughter compagnies under the name STANLEY) and after returning back to the Mother company.

In 2018 co-founded the artist group AnnaState. This group of artists consists of graduates from the KABK that through a gentle approach try to involve a wide range of people into the projects that collectively or individually are brought into being.
Education - 2015 – 2018 Bachelor Fine Arts KABK, Sculpture department, The Hague, The Netherlands. - 2017 Erasmus BA exchange, Listaháskóli Íslands (LHÍ), Reykjavík, Iceland. - Erasmus MA art theory courses, Háskoli Ísland, Reykjavík, Iceland. - 2014 – 2015 Propaedeutic year KABK, The Hague, The Netherlands. - 2012 – 2014 Yangstayll, artistic preparatory education, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Experience - 2019 Residency in AqTushetii, Georgia. - 2018 Residency in Luceberthuis - Bergen, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. - Founding member of artist-group ANNASTATE. - 2017 Founding member of the artist collective STANLEY. - 2014 Internship in artist run gallery W139 in Amsterdam. Exhibitions - 2019 “UNPLUGGED #3”, exhibition in collaboration with Helicopter and ANNASTATE - The Hague, Moerwijk, The Netherlands. - CICA “NOW IS THE RIGHT MOMENT TO SAY WOW”, group exhibition with all the artist staying at the residency in AqTushetii, Omalo, AqTushetii, Georgia. - “Walk through Moerwijk #2”, collaboration between ANNASTATE and Day of the Architecture - The Hague, The Netherlands. - “Door Andere Ogen”, ANNASTATE mini-expo - The Hague, The Netherlands. - “Warme Winter Wande(r)ling”, ANNASTATE, a walk through Moerwijk in The Hague - The Hague, The Netherlands. - 2018 “In De Geest Van”, exhibition in Luceberthuis - Bergen, The Netherlands. - “{\displaystyle f} f”, De Nieuwe Lichting, Museum Kranenburgh - Bergen, The Netherlands. - “Thanks, Klimt”, one mans show at DingDongGallery, Vienna, Austria. - “{\displaystyle f} f”, Graduation Festival, KABK,  academy building – Den Haag, The Netherlands. - 2017 “Nokia’s Tagline”, pre-endexamshow KABK,  Mooof – Den Haag, The Netherlands. - “ON COUNTING” with Büro für Förmlichkeiten and STANLEY, taT (kleines Theater am großen Theater), Giessen, Germany. - “Hooliganism is our –ism II”, STANLEY, Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden. - “Mother’s Garage”, group exhibition 2nd year LHÍ, public and private spaces, Reykjavík, Iceland. - “ON COUNTING” Performance, with Büro für Förmlichkeiten and STANLEY, LHÍ, Reykjavík, Iceland. - “Hooliganism is our –ism”, STANLEY, public space, Reykjavík, Iceland. - 2016 “Show Me Your Vital Parts”, integrated performance, Parts Project Gallery, Den Haag, The Netherlands. - 2015 “OTSEFINAM (MANIFESTO) or how to activate a fanzine”, TENT – Rotterdam, The Netherlands. - “Performative Research”, screening and live performances 2nd year KABK, Stroom, Den Haag, The Netherlands. - 2014 Group exhibition 1st year KABK, EXO, Den Haag, The Netherlands. - “Artist in Alkmaar” with Yangstayll under the guidance of Ivon Spee, Hal 25, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Awards - 2018 Royal Academy Bachelor Award (Royal Academy of Fine Art), for best graduation work out of the Graduation Festival, The Netherlands. - Bachelor Fine Arts Department Award (Royal Academy of Fine Art), for best graduation work out of the Fine Art department, The Netherlands. Publications - Metropolis M Nr 4-2019 - “Ziektebeelden, Het Grote Micro Art Initiatives Onderzoek” - 10 Juli 2019 HAACS “Kleine Ontmoetingen maken de Publieke Ruimte een plek voor Iedereen” - 2019 Dag van de Architectuur, ANNASTATE - 2018 December, Friday. Haagse Courant AD, “Ruimte om zich te ontwikkelen” p.2-3 - Interview Den Haag FM “Parels van Moerwijk”, ANNASTATE. - Metropolis M, Micro initiatives - ANNASTATE. - Haags Broedplaatsen nieuws, ANNASTATE. - Jegens en Tevens, New in Town ANNASTATE.
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